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Content Schedule!

I have compiled a schedule of content that I will be putting out over the next 3 and a half months. As always I will be bringing you the hottest music, the freshest clothes and the most talked-about food spots so stay tuned!

If you have any suggestions for content or want me to review anything in particular let me know in the comments!

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The Plan

Stussy 2015 Holiday Collection

stussy logo

Fusing our mutual passions for streetwear, James Adcock and I have deiced to do a collaborative post on Stussy’s latest holiday collection.

One of the pioneers of streetwear, Stussy, has been steady putting out great clothing since its conception in the early 80’s in Laguna Beach by surfer Shawn Stussy. With a reputation for high-quality, comfortable and affordable pieces, Stussy has survived for over two decades in an industry which has seen hundreds of brands come and go without anywhere near as much impact on men’s clothing and skater/surfer culture. Despite a foray into streetwear between 2011 and 2014, Stussy have now reverted to simpler, understated pieces with less emphasis on crazy colours and silhouettes.

The Iconic brands latest collection celebrates their 35th anniversary with some great garments for the upcoming colder months, with warm thermals and bolder outerwear featuring their OG logo. The collection dropped online on November 6th and is available at select retailers throughout the UK. Don’t Sleep!

Let me know your favourite pieces from the collection in the comments!

What Makes a Good Piece of Online Content?


This food blog won best in its catgory in 2014 and its easy to see why. The blog has a great aesthetic that really suits the and compliments the content of the page. The blog specialises in attractive, easy and stylish recipes. the name of the blog “i am a food blog” is simple, it doesnt make any pretenses and then delivers on just being an easy to follow and digest blog.

The layout of each post is really nice with a big picture at the top, followed by some tags to find the post, a few paragraphs about the recipe itself and then at the bottom of the page is the recipe itself. The steps are easy to follow and concise with simple language.

I think the best feature of the blog though is the clear, yet subtle placement of icons to share to social media in the top right of the page. The icons are small, but stand out and are recognizable.

food blog screenshot


Pigeons & Planes is my favourite music blog. The writing is knowledgeable, often funny and contains lots of references and music jokes that regular readers of the blog and fans of hip-hop and indie music will enjoy.

Every Sunday they blog a collection of new music by mostly upcoming (and sometimes established) artists and bands that is free to download. The layout is cool, with a picture of the artist or music artwork above a small bio of the artist and the story/info about the song itself. They then embed below that the song on whatever music streaming service it may be supported on. However, the whole of each post is compact enough that you can see (and listen) to it all without even having to scroll down at all. Often in the bio/info paragraph beneath the picture are links to previous posts about the artist and links to other music from them. This makes for a great way of discovering new music and learning about artists and following their music.

At the top of the post are options to share via social media platforms, plus the embedded music player has options to directly share the song to soundcloud, etc.

music blog screenshot


Four Pins is my favourite fashion/menswear and womenswear blog and they put out some really great content. It is based in New York and so has a slight American focus/bias, but they do also talk frequently about European and Asian fashion. They keep their readers informed about upcoming clothing releases and collections. The writers are really relatable and have great senses of humours. They are often self-depracating and very aware of the fickle, cut-throat, constantly evolving world of fashion and the speed at which it moves.

They use a variety of different bloggers often based in different parts of the United States whoa ll write in different ways and which also gives you news, trends and clothing local to them, e.g. Detroit and it’s ongoing passion for rugged workwear. The posts have very active and friendly comment sections where the post author often interacts with the commenters, answering questions and the like. A link to the retail website or originall story is always included, as well as galleries for any picture posts or posts about a clothing collection. The site is very stylish and posts are easy to find and follow. I find that this blog makes keeping up with the crazy world of fashion a bit easier.

fashion blog screenshot