An infographic on hip-hop and headphones to help you work out

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Thoughts on the Rugby World Cup so far

rugby world cup flyer image

I actually had tickets to go to see New Zealand vs Namibia at the Olympic Stadium, but due to being up in Leeds beginning¬†this next chapter of my life I didn’t think it would be wise to go all the way back down to London for a rugby game. However, i’ve never been to a professional rugby game and would love to go to one.

I never really have high hopes for England’s sporting endeavors, I find this makes it all the more enjoyable when they do win or make progress in a competition! The hype for England seems to be very high for this world cup though, with a lot of people i’ve spoken to rating our chances of making it to the final pretty highly. To be honest I don’t think we’re going to make it out of the group. ¬†Obviously I just said i don’t have high hopes for England in general so i can be pleasantly surprised, but Wales and Australia are 2 very good teams. I think the win over Fiji confirmed for alot of people their beliefs that we’ve got a great chance of making it out of the group (and even further), but we lost to Wales and I don’t feel optimistic about our chances against Australia this weekend. England are also the kind of team that’ll screw up and lose to a team like Uruguay.

I don’t gamble but I would actually put money against England making it to the semi-finals, let alone the final… But don’t call me out on that